Friday, December 08, 2006

snapshots from hell ( and also from schools, colleges and jobs)

During my first year of B school, i read a book called 'the snapshots from hell'. It was about the experiences of a guy in Stanford, the whole thing about a B school, classes, relationships, internship, assignments and job interviews.

After reading the book, i decided that i will write such a book about my own experiences in the B school. Maybe i felt like i was in a similar kind of Hell (for entirely different reasons though). Then i thought that maybe i should wait for a few years so that people will not know which B school i was writing about ( because they would have forgotten about the instances i was referring too)
Guess what, quite a lot of people hijacked the idea and started publishing such books, starting from the delightful '5 point someone', very interesting and reminscence inducing Mediocre But Arrogant and the very silly and tepid ' Anything for you Ma'am'.

Then i discovered a niche which nobody by then had caught on to, a novel about the job (a fictional account obviously). Then i hapenned to glance through a book called 'Peice of Cake' and now i see that idea of mine flying away too to sit on somebody else's head.
what next.................................... any ideas?
maybe a book about house hunting in Bombay.

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