Wednesday, November 22, 2006

another thursday
I hate thursdays, they are just like indian actresses, showing an enticing amout of cleavage (in case of thursday, an enticing whiff of the weekend)
coming to think of it, i hate mondays, tuesdays and wednesday too
but maybe thats because i'm lazy

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I resigned from the my current job
I am now serving the ridiculously long notice period
The Boss does not want me to get involved in any new project
so here i am typing out a blog, just to look busy

actually i was reading some of the blogs hosted in this platform, and i was downright envious of some of them

where do i start?

i am envious of the interesting stuff people write, i just read one about bong nicknames and i was laughing like crazy
i am envious of comments people write for blog posts, if you search my blog page hard enough, you will find exactly zero comments
i am envious period

i am sure people will not find this interesting, and there will be no comments