Friday, December 01, 2006

Got meself thinking about anger. People say I have a short temper, when I get angry; every thing just exacerbates the feeling. I start shaking, shouting and sometimes start punching the wall and throwing things. But one thing is inevitable the feeling of guilt and shame at myself after the anger subsides. There is a physical pain after the anger subsides.

Some people when angry are not prone to showing the anger in the form of shouting or any other visible form. They would sulk and indulge into, what we term in our own lingo as cold war.

I cannot take the cold war kind of anger. I have studied in an all boys school. I am used to the cuss laden, punching and kicking type of anger displays on each other. Why? You may ask. Because then the same two people who were baying for each other’s blood, will be seen eating from the same lunch box, or together bullying the same poor kid. Nobody could afford to be seen sulking, for the fear of being branded a sissy and booted out of the group. That made me the strong supporter of ‘wham bam, lets be friends again’ type of anger.

Somebody said that as we grow, our souls start getting polluted more and more, from the absolutely innocent soul of a newborn baby. Maybe that’s what is called maturity in our civilization. Mature and civilized people in this world do not display their anger; they keep it in, simmering. They would not talk to the cause of the anger, they would turn their faces away, they would not even tell the person the cause of the anger (especially when the poor ‘cause’ made them angry inadvertently). They would just bottle it up, often imagining alternate ways of avenging their honor (just imagining, because in the civilized world revenge is not a decent thing to inflict).

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Pricious said...

pretty thoughtful stuff! even i have deliberated on my anger...