Tuesday, August 22, 2006

murder mystery

I always been obsessed with books
specially murder mysteries and thrillers (how conventional, you might say)
i started with the enid blytons; famous five, secret seven, five find outers
then moved to the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew (even our strictly boys only school had these), three investigators
then secretly read James Hadley Chase
finally discovered PD James (Adam Dalgliesh) and Colin Dexter (inspector Morse)
during all this time, i wanted to write a murder mystery myself
i actually sat down with a pen and a paper a couple of time
every time i started,
the opening was the same
it all starts in a train
a guy, ruggedly handsome, very sad inside, just broke up, on the verge of being an alcoholic and a fetish for classical music
he is in a first class compartment
its night and raining outside
suddenly hears a thud
gets up to investigate
finds a guy lying in a pool of blood and a knife through his heart
every body else is sleeping
the doors are locked
the train is speeding
he realises that the murderer must be in the train itself
and then i realise that the story is veering towards 'murder in the orient express'
and also that i have to weave in a romantic angle someow
what about the motive then you might ask
i will have to say 'relax'
i am still thinking

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Pricious said...

wow! ur good at it!!! i am waiting for the story to go ahead... mr shoubhik hadley chase!