Wednesday, August 23, 2006

life changes....................
one of my colleagues was writing an essay on ' what would i change in myself''
that got me thinking about myself
given a choice, what would i change?

when i was a kid, i would have answered 'my physical appearence'
i wanted to look like Harrison Ford,
i also wanted to be rich, like Bruce Wayne (my reference were only movie heroes and comic books at that time) so that i can own cars and bikes just like him

when i grew up, i became more pragmatic
i wanted to control a business empire in the mould of Richard Branson, Larry Ellison et al
i wanted to write a novel, something like ' One flew over the Cuckoo's nest', zany and intellectual
i wanted to be an expert in playing a guitar and a saxophone

Today when i think about it
i realise i am happy with what I am
I would not like to change anything at all in my personal life, its moving ahead like a dream
I would not like to change anything major in my professional life, though my job frustrates me sometime I have learnt so much in my job, that the learning balances the frustrations

I am what I am.....
I am not perfect
But I am perfect for myself, and hopefully somebody else....................

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