Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i work as a..............................

Just came back from a three day trip home, or as my colleague calls it, a soujorn. Met a classmate back from college. She asked about my job, told her i am a consultant in an investment bank. She thought i am a personal investment advisor from some private bank. Since she hadn't heard about the name of the company where i work, she thought that it is some shady small (most probably a cooperative) bank. She treated me to a barely concealed sneer, i subjected her to a forced smile.
Thats not all, few years back, an acquaintance asked me about my future career plans, i told him that i was preparing for CS (company secretary). he gave a loud guffaw, turned towards my dad and said 'hey man your son wants to be a secretary, next thing you know he will ask for a short skirt and high heels'
I was too embarassed to explain to him the actual status of a company secretary in a company
most probably he wouldn't have understood anyways

i guess if one happens to work in a company, not many people know about in the normal world (hey i happen to work in a investment bank with a name which has had a zillion interpretations, right from the name of a indian wrestler to a brand of cooking oil) or in a profession the masses are unaware of or studying in a course which is different from engineering, medicine or chartered accountancy
then boss, get ready to meet some people who will turn their ignorance into your embarrasment.

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